Hubby Denied


11 minute video of a couple, she is wearing a short dress and standing beside the table he is laying on.  His arms are tied to his side, he has clothes pins on his ears.  There is a condom on his cock and a penis shaped vibrator hold them together. A string tied around the base of his cock and balls also helps keep the penis vibrator in place.  She has a riding crop that she occasionally swats him with.  She turns of the penis vibrator and while leaving it in place sucks on them both, before applying a second vibrator to his prostate, and stroking his cock.  He begs for release, but she only wants to tease him.

With both vibrators on and his cock in her mouth his begging gets more intense. She takes the penis vibrator and condom off strokes his bare cock with her hand.  Soon they are sharing the one vibrator, she does his cock then her clit rotating back and forth between the two of them.

She gives him a chance to cum with a count to five, will he cum on command?  

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